Hi, I’m Tiffanie, a birth, nutrition, and trauma care professional, and an advocate for women’s health and healing through writing, photography, and Community Development.
I am a Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, currently living in Nepal, working toward certification in Trauma Care, and focusing on education and holistic care and prevention for women in and rescued from exploitative situations. Learn more.


Do you want to:

Have a natural birth?

Understand the risks and benefits of options for medication?

Make sure your baby has a good latch and is getting enough milk?

Labor in an upright position?

Cultivate a peaceful home?

Latest Blog Posts About Parenting and Childbirth

How I “do it”

Raising eight is wonderful, and difficult, and both the most rewarding and the most challenging feat. It’s taught me what true patience is, and I’m not talking about needing to count to ten to gather myself or overcoming the urge to rush a retelling of events or the process of tying his own shoes… no,Continue reading “How I “do it””

Birth in a developing country

I had the absolute privilege of helping the most amazing couple welcome their sweet baby girl last week. As their Doula, I was honored to advocate for their privacy and informed consent, to massage mom through her contractions, to advocate against unnecessary medication, and to help in whatever other ways were needed. It’s a differentContinue reading “Birth in a developing country”

Nutrition is important during every stage of life;
pregnancy, while nursing, infancy, childhood, adolescence, puberty, adulthood, menopause, middle age, and elderly.

Would you like to:

Have more energy
Sleep better
Reduce anxiety
Have healthier digestion
Diminish fatigue
Lessen depression

Increase immunity
Loose weight
Improve your mood
Nourish your family
Boost your sex drive
Reduce health risks

Latest Blog Posts About Health and Nutrition

Breastmilk for nutrition

I met a sweet mom yesterday who was married at 15 years old and gave birth shortly after to a precious baby boy with severe disabilities. This mama spends her days caring for her now five year old and her almost one year old. The older brother is smaller than his sibling and is bedriddenContinue reading “Breastmilk for nutrition”

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