Not always #1 and not three years old

Over on the My Kids Blog I posted about Brice failing his swim lessons. It really was quite a profound moment for me. As I’m sure you know, I am so darn emotional that my eyes began to tear up as I read the words “repeat current level”. I was the one who had to break it to Brice, and he too was rather surprised. He had been having so much fun and each day he would tell me all about how he could float on his back, swim under water and hold his breath for a “really long time”. It was definitely an opportunity for growth in my parenting. Being honest about his failure and yet encouraging at the same time took effort. It was also rather humbling and took a couple of days before I was comfortable sharing the news with others. It’s easy to tell grandma and grandpa about all of the boy’s victories. I didn’t realize how much pride was wrapped up in my kids success. Though my bubble has been popped, I am grateful for the opportunity to mull over the realities of life and to realize that my precious babies won’t always be #1.

On another (and rather funny) note… Nevan has been quite entertaining lately. If you ask him how old he is, he will absolutely insist that he is three. Yes, he is only two. If you tell him , “no Nevan, your two” he will respond quite matter of factual, “no, I not two guys, I’m three”. I have no idea where he ever got the idea that he was three. He doesn’t think he’s one, or four like Trent or six like Brice, he’s three. It’s the funniest thing since the Veggie Tales belly button song! However, it may make for a confusing and frustrating event on his next birthday.

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One thought on “Not always #1 and not three years old

  1. I think I failed one level of swimming three times! Maybe four! I was pretty young at the time, and I remember my mom telling me that the swimming teacher wanted to make sure that I really knew how to swim, so that I could really be ready for the next class and our talking about how it was important for me to really learn the one level before moving onto the other. She said that a lot of children have to take a level several times to pass, and that I didn’t fail, because I had an opportunity to do it again and get better. You are a great mom! Your children are soooo lucky to have you!


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