Week 35But who’s counting…No really, I had to look that upAnd I’m loosin my mind

Large and in charge is what the baby belly is. This thing dictates everything from what I wear to how quickly I can chase waddle after that darn two year old who thinks it’s funny to run around the house with no dang diaper on. Can’t eat spicy, have to stand sideways at the sink, Should just move my bed into the bathroom and shavin my legs… well I’m wearin pants today… enough said. Apparently I’m lookin a little well done because people keep askin if I’m “due any day”. Nope, still got five weeks and five days to go. But who’s counting? Not me… no really, I only know that cause of my cute little counter in the sidebar. Ask me when I’m not starin at that baby twirl around and around and around (that thing makes me dizzy) and I probably won’t have a clue. Which, is becoming the norm lately. I can’t seem to remember a darn thing. I think I’m loosin my mind. Hubby was so sweet this evening; I was cooking dinner (a hearty helpin of meatloaf) and he sent our six year old to ask me if there was anything either of them could do for me. I though for a second (had to decide which one to pick). Why yes, yes there is somthin I need done. “Tell daddy to fix the (pause), the… (long break) um, the vacuum thing… the um (pause and rub forehead), the thingy came off”. What the heck is that darn thing called! “Just go tell dad the vacuum broke.” For the life of me, I could not think of the word B-E-L-T. Someone asked me the last name of one of my girlfriends not too long ago and it took me two days to remember. I have misplaced my keys more times than hubby has lost his in the last few weeks (and if you know hubby, that’s darn near impossible). Totally missed my last OB appointment and had to reschedule for the next day. Forgot to take my son to his last soccer game, oops! And it took me three trips to the store to remember toilet paper (man was havin the kids bring me napkins getting annoying). Hope those braincells mosey their way back after this baby is born.
Have a great Friday (It is Friday isn’t it)!

Published by Tiffanie Lloyd

I am a detail-oriented and energetic multi-tasker traveling at the side of my best friend, and momma to eight amazing kids. God has gifted me with creativity; I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and photographer with a passion for women's health, particularity in childbirth. I own a Cafe and Community Center in Kathmandu, Nepal where I teach Parenting and Childbirth Education. I'm also a Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, and Holistic Nutritionist. Thanks for stoping by! Be sure to check out my archives, and sign up for notifications about new posts!

4 thoughts on “Week 35But who’s counting…No really, I had to look that upAnd I’m loosin my mind

  1. You’re so funny! My best friend and I call that the “pregnant stupid.” See? You’re not crazy…it even has a name! And honey, you don’t look so huge…I literally looked like a HOUSE when I was where you are! Your arms don’t even look like they belong on a pregnant woman! So really — you’re good. 🙂


  2. Hey, girl! I think you look just adorable. Besides these are days that will soon be gone forever. You will eventually miss them; and before you know it, you won’t be able to get a descent night’s sleep. ;o)I am very excited about this little buggy bear! Can’t wait to meet ’em.Christina


  3. I don’t know, Tiffanie! People always said I looked huge, too. To me, from the picture, you look just about right for the time you have to go.And, as for the memory–you just have a lot on your mind right now–3 little ones, a new one on the way–I wouldn’t even let that concern me.Relax and enjoy the last stages of your baby growing within you. God created her (or him!), He is watching over you, and all will be fine.Beth


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