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It’s sweater weather

I haven’t posted here in nearly a year, and scrolling through the archives, I feel a little sad that I’ve neglected to document the shenanigans of the last season. Even my most recent entries have been more informational and less candid. If nothing else, I hope for my little corner of the internet to be…

How I “do it”

Raising eight is wonderful, and difficult, and both the most rewarding and the most challenging feat. It’s taught me what true patience is, and I’m not talking about needing to count to ten to gather myself or overcoming the urge to rush a retelling of events or the process of tying his own shoes… no,…

Birth in a developing country

I had the absolute privilege of helping the most amazing couple welcome their sweet baby girl last week. As their Doula, I was honored to advocate for their privacy and informed consent, to massage mom through her contractions, to advocate against unnecessary medication, and to help in whatever other ways were needed. It’s a different…

Shame, Punishment, and Discipline

We often ask our kids to write 1-3 paragraphs about why what they did was wrong. This way we know that there is understanding, and that they are willing to make a different choice in the future. One minute everything is glorious; the house is clean, no one is crying, and kids are playing together.…


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