Holistic Nutrition

One of our sons struggled with Celiac Disease from the time he was a tiny fellow, though he was not diagnosed until he was 12 years old (and only after years of doctors, bloodwork, and misdiagnosis). His condition first propelled my interest in healthy eating. We aim to reduce gluten to keep joint inflammation at bay, limit added sugars, and aspire to consume a diet that is structured mostly around plant-based and whole foods. In both experience and education, I have come to understand the importance of a nutritious diet and how it affects far more than our waistlines.

A holistic approach to nutrition recognizes that the physical, mental, chemical, emotional, and environmental aspects of one’s health are all intertwined.

I offer Holistic Nutrition classes and services that include:

  • Healthy and holistic eating habits
  • Plant-based, whole foods, macro and micro nutrient intake, and supplement recommendations
  • Nutritional causes of major health complaints
  • Healthy foods that promote good physical, mental, and immune system health
  • Nutrition for healing trauma and PMAD’s
  • Building and maintaining healthy microbiome and gut flora
  • Food labels and meal planning
  • Nutrition plans, needs assessments, and diet restrictions
  • Personalized diet programs

Nutrition is important during every stage of life;
pregnancy, while nursing, infancy, childhood, adolescence, puberty, adulthood, menopause, middle age, and elderly.

Would you like to?

Have more energy
Sleep better
Reduce anxiety
Have healthier digestion
Diminish fatigue
Lessen depression

Increase immunity
Loose weight
Improve your mood
Nourish your family
Boost your sex drive
Reduce health risks

Are you ready to learn more and/or make a change for better overall health?

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