My love of photography began with photos of our eight children. Capturing cherished moments of family and friends eventually became more than a hobby and I opened my first studio in Cedar Rapids, IA. After a move to Texas, I served the Fort Worth/Mid Cities area as a Lifestyle Photographer specializing in children and birth photography, until moving overseas in 2016.

“As a photographer, my goal is to express stories and capture unfiltered life through sharing images. My main focus is always the natural beauty, details, and innocent emotion of every moment, place, and individual I photograph.”

Birth and Lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing real life moments during special events and every day occurrences.

“It’s the natural and simple moments I most adore. I love behind the scene images that capture real emotion, true personality, and the beauty within relationships.”

A Lifestyle portrait session might look like a couple of hours in your home, photographing everyday routines, family traditions, hobbies, following you at work, a walk in the park, or visiting your favorite coffee shop. I shoot both digital and analog, and every client receives a little of both.

Birth photography is intimate and beautiful. I enjoy getting to know each mamma/family prior to labor and delivery, and will capture as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

Travel Photography


Travel photography is the art of capturing the landscape, people, customs, culture, and/or history of a particular place.

“There is so much to see in the world! I love to travel. I love to photograph new places.”

Currently Serving the Kathmandu Valley


Lalitpur, Nepal


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